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Notice: For the Cleft Palate and Juvenile Addison's Disease tests, the lab does not provide us with intermediate status updates. (i.e. Sample Received, etc.) Your test will indicate "Kit Sent" until the lab reports the results.

When you placed your order, we sent an email to the address you provided including a link to show the status of your order.
If you still have that email, please refer to it and click on the link within it.
Or you may type the information requested below to display the order status.

You will need both :

  1. the email address you used when you placed your order, and
  2. the 10-character confirmation code assigned when your order was placed.
If you do not have both of these, then we will be unable to check the status of your order.

Email Address:
Confirmation Code:

If you have lost your confirmation code, you may email us requesting the confirmation code.

At a minimum, please provide us with:

It may take a day or so to research your request and respond to you with the confirmation code.


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